Do you know what is Personal Branding?

Why is it important?

How is it going to be done?

This blog is on the way to create a personal brand and the way to grow your brand. This Blog is not for creatives and entrepreneurs, but everybody else because whether you wish it or not, in this digital age, everybody features a personal brand.

If you’ve got any account online – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, anywhere in social media –that is your brand.

A personal brand is how people perceive you. It’s like your online persona. Whether you wish it or not, people will judge you based on what they see online.

If you’re applying for jobs, your employers could be Googling you and that they are going to be judging you based on what they find. Or wants to start a business people would like to do business people they like rather than the company. So this blog is useful for everybody.

The first step to putting together a personal brand is, to begin with, Why.

Why do you need a brand?

What is your purpose for building a brand?

So for instance, if you’re an Architect, you would like to create a personal brand in order that people will know who you’re and they will know what your art seems like, how your design is in order that they’re going to be ready to hire you for your services.

So your goal is to urge people to ascertain you, see your work and need to rent you. counting on your purpose for your brand, you’re going to require to possess a home or some kind of landing page where people can come to find out more about who you are, what you are doing, all of that.

It is often an internet site or a blog, but it also can be a social media page. We’ll re-evaluate choosing the proper platform for your brand afterwards. But if you’re knowledgeable and you would like to be taken seriously, then I highly recommend getting a customized name to be your landing page.

Naturally, if it is a personal brand where you’re the face of it. The brand should be an extension of your personality and extension of who you’re. It should even be your ideal self what you would like to seem to others to be because everybody’s multi-faceted.

And this is often a very fun part because you get to shape your own story and choose what story matters to your brand?

 What does your brand stand for?

 Essentially, What are the values?

What are the personality traits?

Things like that. So number 1

It goes back to your brand’s story.

Why are you need a brand?

What is your purpose of a brand?

What is the message that you simply want to share with others?

Your story and your Why is that the core centre and out of doors of it’s the aesthetics and therefore, therefore, therefore the tone and the feeling and the decorative arts.

For example, here are the dreamy vibes, the pastel colors, the music. All of that’s decorative and it’s what makes your brand unique and different.

To put it simply, just check out yourself at your core, you’ve got a purpose. you’ve got something that you simply represent. you’ve got values. That’s your core, the core of your brand also.

And then everything that you simply do on the surface, the makeup you set on, the garments you wear, how you style your hair, how you speak, that’s the embellishments of your brand.

But it’s super important because it causes you to who you’re. To make it easy, a brand’s style is your style. It’s just an extension of your personality. You should attempt to infuse the maximum amount of your personality into your brand in everything:

the captions that you simply write, within the photos that you simply take, the way you filter them, the way you angle my shots. All of that comes from you and your expression. And I would say, don’t overthink it. Just start together with your favorite color palette. Start together with your favorite styles from people that you simply see, and that I promise you, your brand will grow stronger as you develop it, as you retain creating.

Similar to life, you discover your voice along the way as you go and that is normal.

Next, let’s mention content because the content is king.

Content is that the way that you simply communicate your brand to people that are willing to concentrate. Content is your way of expressing yourself again and again. Expressing all of the various sides of yourself in order that people around you’ll understand more and more who you’re.

The first a part of this is often to select your platform your main medium for sharing your content and sharing who you’re. With numerous platforms out there it’s hard to try to all of them directly. If you’re starting a private brand, I like to recommend you focus and be an expert at one platform initially before diversifying to others.

When choosing a platform to specialize in, you would like to think about

  1. Your brand’s purpose.
  2. What you’re good at creating or what you enjoy creating.
  3. The simplest thanks to present your brand to others.
  4. Where your audience lives.

For example, if you’re an indoor designer and your work is extremely visual. Then you almost certainly want to stay to visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest to share your designs. for instance, the inside designer seems like she’s better at Blog and likes to get on camera. Then maybe she will do YouTube and blend that. Another example is that if you are a land agent and you do not wish to get on camera but you’re keen on taking note of podcasts.

You could create a podcast giving land advice for people that are buying their first homes. You get to settle on the platform that works for you counting on what you wish, what works for your brand, and where your audience lives.

Back to content. As I used to be saying earlier, content is your way of communicating who you’re and your expertise to all or any the people that are willing to observe you. therefore the more content you create and therefore the more consistent you’re with posting your content, the more opportunities you give to others to ascertain you see, your stuff, to understand and understand who you’re.

So it’s all about just creating consistently. But how does one create content that folks want to see? First, you gotta confirm that your content delivers value to others. it’s to teach them, entertain them, inspire them, give them something in exchange.

People aren’t just gonna watch you for you. They’re gonna watch it because it benefits themselves. Do some research and find what people are checking out and make content associated with those areas. We can go far into this subject. The last tip that I would like to slide therein I actually should have mentioned earlier is:

Know who you would like to serve.

Know your ideal audience.

Ideal customer.

And create content for that person. So have this persona in your mind. Go in-depth of who this person is, their fears, their deepest desires, their hobbies, everything.

Envision that person and make content for that one person. That’s the last tip that I’ll leave you with. Again, as I said, I could continue forever talking about this subject, so if you’ve got more questions or if you would like me to form more Blogs on this subject, leave it down below so I do know.

Thank and lots of Love.