Defining Your Customer Avatar

Hello friends, this article is based on my learning experience after attending the second class for the Digital Marketing Internship class conducted by Digital Deepak. The main focus of this class was on understanding our customers.

Marketing is all about good communication

To become a better marketer it is very important to understand the customer sometimes even better than their mom because this is what going to make us identify their true demand and needs. In simple terms marketing is all about communication. One of the key learning which I can take from this part is that if someone is not able to converse well 1:1 will find it difficult to communicate with 1: many.

Be authentic to communicate better

The best strategy to improve communication is to be authentic, with advent of social media apps and online platforms, it has been seen that people have started putting different personals, for example, they are behaving differently when they are in office, when they are with boss they are different, when communicating with colleagues they show different behaviour similarly in social gatherings, etc, genuineness and authenticity is missing from their life. The best suggestion given by Deepak sir was that we should be authentic in everything we do, now people are tired of fake people with social personas and everyone is attached to someone real. Therefore to become better communicator authenticity is important.

It is going to be tough initially and some people might not like our authenticity and start leaving us, but people who genuinely like us for our authenticity are going to stay with us and this is more important these people are going to push us to achieve something big in life rather than fake people.

Who is a better marketer?

People with more life experience are a better marketer, to develop these skills one important suggestion given by Deepak sir was to gain more life experience it can be done by taking part in different activities. For example, if you are feeling lonely why not try going on solo trips, if you are afraid of speaking in front of people then join toastmaster groups, practice speaking in front of people, in short, do what you like and develop more life experience by this you will be in position to better relate with people or your customers which is eventually the final goal of marketing process.

Understand your audience

If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience therefore the most important thing to do is to define our target audience. So let us know how to define our target customers. The first step is to identify the demographics and psychographics of the customer. Demographics is referred to as collecting data such as age, location, the city as they are from and psychographics is about their interest, like and dislike, or things they fear, etc. This can be performed with the help of an online survey.

Simple ways to improve communication with customers

The best method to attract attention is to write to one single customer at a time. It may seem that there are a lot of people to communicate to but in reality, each of them is accessing email, ad copy, social media content on their devices. Therefore whatever may be the channel of communication we must write in such a way that there is one single person and we are having direct communication with them.

Part 2 Customer Avatar Survey

Please select your age group from the options.

A 18–24

B 25–34

C 35–44

D 45–54

E 55–64

F 65+

What is your gender?

A Male

B Female

Which city do you live in?

A Mumbai

B Bangalore

C Chennai

D New Delhi

E Kolkata

F Pune

G Ahmedabad

H Other

What is your annual income?

A 1–5 Lakhs

B 5–10 Lakhs

C 10–15 Lakhs

D 15–20 Lakhs

E 20+ Lakhs

What is is your profession?

A Employee

B Entrepreneur

C Freelancer

Do you have a personal website?

A Yes

B No

Do you think that in today’s online world people need to have their own online presence?

A Yes

B No

If given opportunity do you like to invest in your own personal branding through a personal website?

A Yes

B No

If yes how much you are willing to spend on getting a brand new website with your name or brand name?

A Rs 1K-5K

B Rs 5K-10K

C Rs 10–15K

D Rs 15–20K

E Prefer free platforms instead

Enter your phone number.

Enter your best email address.

Thank you

Challenges faced by the customers

The main challenges identified by interacting with customer avatar is that they lack the technical capability to develop their worn website. They are aware of the benefits of having a personal website as it can help in personal branding, during interviews and gaining freelancing projects.

Customer Avatar

My customer avatar is a content developer who does not have their own personal websites. I came up with this avatar as I work as a content developer and most of my colleague lack technical skills like WordPress development. etc. After identifying the customer avatar I understand their main problems and now I can offer website development service to them.

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